Welcome to All-Star Martial Arts


Staging Times for the Inner School Tournament 4/25 are as follows:

Ninjas - 5:15pm
Dragons - 5:30pm
Juniors(9-11) - 6:00pm
Cadets(12-14) - 7:00pm
Seniors(14+) - 7:00pm
Samurai - 7:00pm

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Traditional Martial Arts Taught With Progressive Flair, Style & Adaptability.

The Premier Martial Arts school in N.W. Houston & Cypress, Texas. Specializing in TaeKwonDo, Special Needs, fitness, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Commando Krav Maga. Classes for all ages and abilities.

Fun and Exciting Classes that Develop Self-Esteem, Self-Control, Discipline, Focus, Goal-Setting, Leadership Skills, Fitness and Self-Defense.

We are a Black Belt Family School; meaning not only are we family owned and operated but we have created a great family friendly atmosphere for students and their families.


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Ninjas TaeKwonDo Ages 4-5

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Dragons TaeKwonDo Ages 6-9

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Juniors TaeKwonDo Ages 10-12

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Seniors TaeKwonDo Ages 13+

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Special Needs TaeKwonDo

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Homeschool TKD


Krav Maga

Krav Maga is considered by many experts to be the most devastating fighting system in the world and an outstanding form of self-defense.


Ultimate Fitness

Fitness class designed to allow the participant to burn more calories while increasing ones metabolism.