Welcome from Master Lieder

Welcome from Master Lieder

Thank you for visiting our website. This new website will provide updated material and information. The calendar is continually updated with events. The class schedule is a live version from our school management software. You can view the schedule by just your class or program. Please check out this new feature.

The members section is about to go live. It will have videos of patterns, kicking drills, self-defense, techniques, etc. There will be blogs by instructors as well. New-Comers to ALL-STAR MARTIAL ARTS will also find videos and information to help understand how things work here.

The Gallery will have more pictures uploaded soon. If you have any pictures that you think would be good on the website please send them to us.

We are excited to provide you with this new tool to get the most out of your martial arts experience.

Master David Lieder

New Blog Posts Coming Soon

We are in the process of adding a new Blogging Area to the All Star Martial Arts web site. When the blogs posts are added, the last ten (10) will show up in our cool Smart SlideDeck on this page http://www.allstarma.com/all-star-martial-arts-blog/

So check back there often to see our latest addition to the site.

Change this Title

Test Post

Make sure to

1) Change the Title Name

2) On the right hand column under s2member select “Require Level #0 ( or higher)” this will make sure that ONLY those that are signed in will see this Post.

3) Under Publish, Save for LAST.

4) Under Categories you will need to Select Members Only Blog, and then which Instructor the Categorie the Blog will be published under. For this Example I selected “Master David Lieder” category.

5) NOW you can go back up to PUBLISH and you can select to “Save as Draft” and come back later to finish(no one can see it from the web site), or Publish “Edit” to publish at a Later Date, or Just go ahead and Publish now.

All-Star Specially Challenged Martial Arts Championships

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to this Special event for Special Individuals. ALL-STAR MARTIAL ARTS & FITNESS and INSPIRING POSIBILITIES are hosting the 3rd Annual ALL-STAR SPECIALLY CHALLENGED MARTIAL ARTS CHAMPIONSHIPS this summer (July 16, 2011) in Houston, Texas. This event will celebrate the efforts and achievements of martial artist with Physical, Emotional and Developmental disabilities from around the country as they demonstrate their skills and abilities. This event is designed exclusively for all disabilities including, but not limited to, Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, Paraplegic (wheel-chair), Blind, Deaf, Dwarfism, etc. This competition is open to all stand-up martial arts styles. Participants will compete in any or all Forms, Sparring (including wheel-chair), Weapons Forms, and Breaking divisions.

2011 Inspiring Possibilities Championships Tournament Packet