About Our School

At All-Star Martial Arts we teach traditional TaeKwonDo and self-defense in a clean and safe family environment. We have classes for children of all ages beginning at 4 years old and also for all ages of adults. Students learn kicking & punching, patterns, sparring, self-defense, board breaking and weapons. Along with and through these activities, the students learn many important life lessons and benefits: Self-Confidence, Self-Control, Discipline, Focus, Concentration, Respect, Physical Fitness, Goal setting and much more. Our goal is to always build Self-Esteem in each student; that’s why we know each student by name (you are not just a number).

What we Believe:

Christian: We do not preach, but we do believe in the risen Lord & Savior Jesus Christ and because of Him and His love for us we strive to demonstrate that love to others. We strive to take out any and all eastern religious practices from our curriculum while maintaining the original Korean art.

Family: We believe strongly in the importance of the family. That is why we have tried to design a schedule flexible enough to allow for the many time demands put on families today.

What we Teach:

Patterns: We teach the traditional I.T.F. forms. Pattern practice develops discipline, focus, concentration, memorization habits, conditioning along with blocking and striking techniques. Pattern performance is part of the “Art” of the martial arts.

Sparring: Not only does sparring help develop self-defense for real world application, but it is fun and can be competitive. We practice and compete in W.T.F. style Olympic sparring. Protective sparring gear is required.

Self-Defense: Many different techniques are taught to maneuver out of various grabs and holds, along with strategies to remain out of physical altercations. We believe kicking and punching should be used as a last resort to resolve conflict.

Weapons: Traditional ancient weapons of the orient such as the Bo-Staff, Nunchukas, Sword and Escrima Sticks are taught. These are also part of the “Arts”.


To develop appreciation for TaeKwonDo as a sport and an art

To achieve physical fitness through positive participation

To improve mental discipline and emotional equanimity

To learn self-defense skills

To develop a sense of responsibility for one self and others.