Class Times

Please refer to our Schedule for class times. We highly recommend you attend classes 2-3 times per week. We also recommend, although not mandatory, you attend class on consistent days and times each week to make your attendance with our school a part of your weekly schedule. If for some reason you are not able to attend class for a week please call the school and inform us.

Parents dropping off children should do so five minutes prior to class and pick them up within five minutes of class ending. The school becomes very busy around class times. We cannot be responsible for watching unattended children.


Parents, family and friends are always encouraged to watch class from the waiting area (Viewing from the weight room is prohibited). We have bleachers set up in the waiting area and windows into the classrooms for you to watch the classes take place.


Student uniform consists of a white TaeKwonDo uniform (Dobok) and a belt. During the warmer months students will be allowed to wear an All-Star Martial Arts t-shirt along with uniform pants and belt. You will be notified of these exact dates. During any test, students are required to wear their complete white uniform with All-Star Martial Arts patch. Make sure that your uniform is clean and patches are properly attached.