Our Girl Scout daisies had a lesson with Instructor Kris! He was awesome! I could see the confidence building in the girls throughout the lesson. Very nice facilities. We were very impressed with this place.

Erica Wolfford

Our son is really getting into TaeKwonDo at this place. Instructor Kris is outstanding with him and other home educated kids. Looking forward to how our son will progress here as he embraces the system. And we appreciate the family run, positive Christian values, and good sportsmanship of the kids and instructors. Highly recommended dojo and Martial Arts Center.

Scott McKenzie

We have been part of the All-Star family for over 4 years. I can’t say enough good things about the Lieders and all the instructors and staff who work there. Truly an amazing group of people! You may find the same high level of instruction at another school. You may find the same variety of programs and classes at another school. You may even find another school with the same awesome camps and fun events. But what you will never find at another school are people who truly love your kids. Who call them by name as soon as they walk in the door. Who cheer them up, encourage them, and laugh with them. People who love and are involved in the community. TKD is so much more than just learning self-defense or patterns or how to spar. You have to be able to respect and trust your instructors and the people running the business. All-Star makes it easy to do that and we have nothing but love for this incredible school!

Emily We haven’t ever been able to afford any type of sport for Tristan, and since he has Down syndrome, he’s really never been included in any group activities. He absolutely LOVES All Star Martial Arts! We’re seeing a change in his personality – he is much happier lately. He reminds us when it’s time to go to class! This afternoon he was watching a new video (a favorite activity) when I told him it was time for All Star. He jumped up, changed clothes, and ran to the car! He has NEVER willingly left a video for anything before!


I would like to give thanks to all of you there. The Ninja classes my son Ian took really helped to improve is balance, motor skills, and self confidence. And you are so good with the little ones! For me personally I had a great time in the teen/adult classes. Master Lieder, Jeremy, Kris are all great instructors (I knew we were in for it when ever Jeremy was teaching). And I have never seen anyone deal with all ages as well as Master Lieder – he is truly a master instructor. More importantly I really am impressed with what All Star Martial Arts does for the community. First off, you have made it a community not just another TKD school. There is a sense of community and accountability among the instructors and students which helps guide the moral compass. This is especially important for the teens and young adults. Your service there is great. Second, is the special needs program. That is truly a great great thing you are doing. I get choked up about it just thinking about it. Anyway, think you all very much. I hope I can find a place like All-Star Martial Arts in the Pittsburgh area.

 John F. Hopkins

Master Lieder and Mrs. Christy,
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the Specially Challenged Tournament on April 6th. It was an amazing experience for our family. Finn was so very proud of his accomplishments at the tournament. The medals were so important to him. The tournament was so important for the self esteem of these specially challenged athletes!
Thank you for your efforts in giving our son an opportunity to feel so proud of himself! I appreciate all that you do for Finn.

Jennifer Bialas